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“We focus on increasing the value of our businesses and products.”

Hongik University, Department of Industrial Design Crafts and graduated School of Industrial Design was established in 2000, was GODESIGN. Samsung, LG Electronic lab, Fujifilm, JW Medical such as health care, and consulting with the client and project progress has been made over the value of the new design. 05-08 Hongik University, and has taught product design at Konkuk University and Seoul Design Center, a design consultant for the Agency, and is currently represented by GODESIGN leading the design and development of strategies.


About GO

GODESIGN is Korea’s leading medical device design company that provides clear design solutions.

Since its establishment in 2000, it has designed more than 800 medical and healthcare products.
I have the know-how to solve various problems through numerous concerns with clients.
It becomes a big data of high design and carries out the design process with insight into new projects.

4Solution, design methodology

1S Design based on ergonomic elements.
2S Reflects user experience scenarios.
3S Realistic production, ME regulation.
4S It melts psychological trust into the product.


Intensive Medical Device Design

The medical industry is vast and covers a wide range of areas. The development of more than 800 medical devices we have experienced so far should be classified according to the risk of the stakeholders, medical staff, and patients, and through this, we divided the design development area into high levels of dependence on medical devices. Intensive care medical device products are at least grade 3 or higher conditions of the KFDA’s medical device grade, or medical devices such as emergency rooms, intensive care units, neonatal care rooms, and high-risk diagnostic devices, treatment devices, test equipment, or test equipment. We are experiencing a pandemic and are experiencing a very fast pace due to environmental changes in the medical field. To respond to these market changes, we understand the situation of developing companies, discover new opportunity areas, provide appropriate ideas, evaluate risks through prototyping, and build a Value Chain that supports production.

General Medical Device Design

We use the Stage-Gate Process, which takes into account design concepts and production, to help increase innovation and potential success in the development process.
This is the development of medical devices for the purpose of production and mass production by companies.
In addition, the design development service area for detailed purposes is for preclinical and clinical development tailored to the development of research institutes, national tasks, and innovative medical devices, and future-oriented concept medical device design for the purpose of KFDA, CE, MDR, etc. We serve for Design for Medical Certification, Mass-production & Manufacturing Design, and Future-oriented Design. We are focus to Medical Design Process for Humanity. Our performance and the quality of the medical device in situations where leveling up focuses more on the human element.
Most products are human factors play an important role in determining the success or failure.
So, patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers, hospital administrators, and all interested parties to provide a better experience and a chance for meaningful goals.

Healthcare Device Design

We Focus On Increasing the Value of Companies and Products.

The treatment is not affected by the aging population regarding prevention demand is increasing.
Pursue a healthy life as well as society generally have a tendency to increase with the latest digital technology to provide health care services are changing the way. We have more people through design to lead a healthy and happy life trying to. Most of the public health aspects of lifestyle diseases are derived from the wrong people, and not just knowing what to do. You can change these wrong attitudes and sustainable human-centered products, services, spaces, it is difficult to design a system, meaningful goals and opportunities. We are designers, regulatory and clinical advisors, engineers focused on innovation aligns with prevention.

GUI Design for Medical & HealthCare Device

Our medical device designers design a control environment that fits the purpose of use based on a high understanding of the medical device. Our designers focus on the risk of errors and malfunctions, aiming for the most intuitive and easy interface layout based on the user experience scenario process.
Trend and style are not important factors in our design. Rather, it is designed to take into account the location, size, color, and contrast of the movements that the medical staff can clearly understand, and aims for the easiest direction of usability of the movements they have already experienced and have.
This can minimize the risk of habituation, whether conscious or unconscious, and will be the safest way for patients and users. Our design is based on aesthetic, psychological, and emotional beauty as a basic element of formulation, and we also recognize the direction of the huge trend.

Design Award

Design Patent